Saturday, 13 December 2014

Grimoire (released)

migrating pics to tumblr because content policy update

Grimoire is finished, the complete (demo) can be downloaded here
you can buy it at my tumblr

price is 6usd/£3.80

the game has 5 7 hentai cg and 5 sprite animations.

Rika the rookie witch is dropped into the depths of a magical dungeon after the tome she is after is seized by another witch, the dungeon is filled with spikes, tentacles and monsters all after her body
she must learn new spells to traverse the and escape the dungeon

the game is an adventure platformer featuring a basic exp system, choose which stats to boost each level, learning new spells let you access new areas in a metroidvania fashion (though like kurovadis the game is linear)

X to jump/confirm
C to cast spell
enter key to pause
arrow keys to move
up/down to aim

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Grimoire (Rika) nearing completion

I'd have liked this game to be a metroidvania, but this game is more like kurovadis and it's linearity.
A simple story, Rika the witch is trying to obtain a dangerous magical tome. but when she arrives at the dungeon it's located in, she finds another witch got there first, whom dumps her into the depths of the castle. Rika is a dropout so she only has one basic projectile spell to being with, and must fight her way through the depths to obtain more spells and find a way back up to defeat the other witch.

this is the final demo content wise, but the unlock file has not been generated yet so people will need to redownload it when i release some time before the 20th

controls are arrow keys to move, X to jump, and C to use spells.

the other day i spent 3 hours going through every room in the game and tiling it.
the list of stuff i have left to make is as follows
final boss room - including the remaining attacks for the boss and game over animation
3 game over cg
crush the bug that leads to the wrong game over cg.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dropbox still down

the ban seems to have been extended beyond what it should so i've mirrored most of my demos on mega!30xGEDxR!HqPOxu9OLqUO07dHEZ63lQ
i have also redirected my checkouts to mega, so now i dont have to email everyone who buys one of my games (though a few dont get through every now and then)

expo was great. didn't buy much though, couple of no game no life wallscrolls, a momo deviluke figure, some lovely wolf ears, and sora's tee-shirt from ngnl

also, my girlfriend proposed to me with a ring in a tardis...that was a shock, so yeah, im a finacee now

Friday, 15 August 2014

Dash official release (£3.20)

The demo can be found here

price is £3.20, i will email the unlock files after receiving the receipt
you can buy it at my tumblr

ROR game about red riding hood racing to her friends cottage before the big bad wolf completely fucks her silly...
she must evade capture by the many monsters and traps left in her path, and use her dash ability to traverse the levels.

 please download the demo to confirm compatibility (you'll need it anyway for the unlock file)

arrow keys to move
z - dash
x - jump
c -dash/jump (must be on ground)

game features 
8 delicious HCG curtesy of Lustfire
6 H animations
2 endings
25 levels

This game is the result of gathering feedback on damsel quest, I'm sure the people who enjoyed that game will enjoy the more fast paced gameplay in dash!

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Yuko is finished :)

pay what you want (minimum £1)
you can get it at my tumblr (i think)

Yuko is a stealth based puzzle game about a slave being given a chance to win her freedom,
if she gets caught by the guards of succubi, slimes and more she gets felt up and fucked in various ways.

13 CG (26 variants)
5 Hentai endings (+1 with no sex)

the game contains some pretty difficult puzzles, one in particular has a bit of a meta solution involving data shared across all save files.

To purchase the game you'll need download the latest demo 
yuko demo
you need the
vx ace rtp

and then you can purchase the unlock file here
place the yukounlock.rvdata in the game folder (replace the one allready there)
and you can go beyond the end of the demo (the bridge trap wont trigger)

I'll submit the game to dlsite later, i still need to censor everything :)