Tuesday, 26 February 2013

mediafire links down

both links to my full version games got taken down at last, allready re-upped erojanken to rapidshare instead but i thought i'd take this chance to add a little more to princess escape :)

I've added some new quests, some new npc interaction, fixed a few bugs (though the wrong maid sprite one IS STAYING) and fixed the sprite gangbang end (forgot to fade in again silly me) allthough it's still only a single cg i hope you like it...

people who allready bought the game and would like the new version can email or message me once ive finished tweaking everything

OH...i also fixed the personal record sign in the gallery in erojanken so it does actually record your best win

Saturday, 2 February 2013

been a while since i posted anything

at the moment I have two game ideas...ones a massive project following ringo's story and the other is a bit strange...i want to tell a nice supernatural yuri romance story...based on one of my first sexual fantasies... you can read more about it here (im testing the waters)

also i havent posted in a while so here's an alluring bespectacled beauty i just finished...sorry it isnt more mature :)