my prices for commissions are as follows

lineart £10 per character
full coloured artwork £13 per character
chibi's £6 each (coloured or not)

if your commission is pornographic (likely) add £5
for a simple background add £3

you can email commission requests to with the topic "commissions"
detailing your request, i accept payment upon completion but if i get swamped i may ask for a deposit these prices are for personal art only, commercial projects will naturally cost more.

Rpgmaker Game commissions

though my standard price is around £800, price can be negotiated.
my terms are similar to most art commissions, all my work is undertaken for personal usage, I retain all the rights to sell and distribute the things i produce.
£800 is not much when i consider the amount of work it takes to produce a game, there's art, balancing and writing to do, and this takes weeks, so it's natural i would want to be properly compensated.

i wont fault you for sharing the game i produce for you with a few friends ( i will say 20 people maximum)
I can sell the game when it's complete, and own all the content within, but you can put a limited amount of it on your art site as long as you don't claim it as your own work.

if you commission me youre agreeing to
not make money off the game
not to distribute the game beyond the allowed number
let me sell it on my blog and dlsite

in short, you're paying for a game that you'd like to be made to be made. for your own personal enjoyment

I won't do Guro