Saturday, 8 December 2012


i wonder if i pissed people off, way more people answered my poll than bought my game...was £2.80 (4usd) really too much for the game? I suppose it could just be that the people who answered my poll aren't the kind of people who actually buy games, I've seen a few people asking developers for a free share of their game when they release it...or outright admitting theyre going to pirate it as soon as possible...  anyway i don't see why theyd bother answering the poll if they actually arent the kind of people who buy games, leaving me with the conclusion they don't like the price...

which worries me, as the next game i want to make is big enough to warrant at least a £6 pricetag, more so on dlsite...I'm trying my hardest here to build  up a good business before next year...I want to do this as a career.

does anybody know of any good ways i might better promote my games to the japanese market?
I don't seem to have kyrieru's business knowledge to do that but his game sold a lot on japanese dlsite

Sunday, 2 December 2012

my next game

It will be a few weeks before i am free to start work on my next game, but I have allready given a lot of thought to what game i want to make

It follows the story of Ringo, one of the contestants of erojanken and following what she did with her winnings, I don't want to ruin what she asked for in erojanken but i can't explain my idea without doing so, she asked for a start up fund to start making video games

 she has to go around diving into modified versions of her games to save people who have been trapped there, this gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to designing levels, some will have gameplay like traditional rpgs and others will feature action adventure

the worlds i have thought up are mostly rpg based but each will have their own settings and mechanics

there is one where you are being forced to carry out sexual challenges by a group of girls who took control of their college, it will involve stealth gameplay and exhibitionism as well as any other awesome things i can imagine

others follow the traditional warrior female rpg with tentacle monsters and things (GOR)

I'll be making it so real world equipment can be taken in but in world equipment is left there until you return.

and while you are going round to save people you are also trying to figure out who is behind circulating the modified copies of your games, there is so much i can do with this plot and i don't want to let people down.

to restrict the number of cgs (though it will still have way more than the other games i have made) there will only be 2-3 game overs per world, a generic one, and two special ones

also I am happy to say i have a nice review of this game curtesy of phantasy89

quick, easy, simply to learn Janken(Rock, Paper, Scissors).
this is more of a trial and error game (maybe a probability game *cough* gambling)
you win some and you lose some.
there is a lot of replayability in it.

The last mechanics for the boss fight is a bit random.

The story for each of the girls is unique
everyone has their own reason to win the tournament.
The Hscene text were well thought out and detailed on what was happening to the character.

No actual introduction event for each of the character entering the tournament;
Just their reasons to enter the entering when talking to npc.

There was a lot of work put into making the artwork
such as the character expression when they lose an article of clothing
and the artwork for the character.

There is always room for improvement.
Although the artwork isn't mainstream for japan
still unique in my taste

The gameplay is simply and easy to understand
The story is unique and the Hscene were well thought out
The art were great. although, not mainstream but still great.
it more or less worth your money to play it for replayability

The last part was a bit random with reaction timing"

Friday, 30 November 2012

Problems (solved)

I need to make £170 in the next 4 weeks to pay my rent until i get my student grant/loan
since dlsite are being slow paying me and the amount isnt enough to cover it,

I need commissions, if anyone would like any art drawing on a personal base, please check the commission prices tab

I do chibi's, digital work, I have graphic markers if you want something more traditional (i'd scan it)

of course i do hentai, just don't ask for guro or loli as those are frowned upon in my country.

please note those prices apply only to personal commissions and if you want something for commercial use you will have to email me and ask for a better quote

EDIT- my father sent me the £170 for unspecified future commisions so I am not in dire need of money, however i went to the effort of advertising for commissions so commissions will remain open anyway

Monday, 26 November 2012


nuff said, i got the rest of the endings done today, was really fun making this game and it includes a few sequel hooks for some other big rpgs i have concepts for :)

the download link/checkout can be found here

Thursday, 8 November 2012

hentai commissions since letraset have 50% off on these, i really need to makke some money so if anyone needs any commissions (perverse or otherwise) i'm pretty much open for business...

my pricing structure is as follows

£7/$11.2 per character or £5 for chibi style characters
+£2 for a simple background (ask)
+£5 for hentai

really need to top up my manga set, my markers are gonna run out soon

Monday, 9 July 2012


my prices for commissions are as follows

lineart £5 for one character plus £3 for extra characters
full coloured artwork £7 per character
chibi's £4 each (coloured or not)

if your commission is pornographic (likely) add £5
for a simple background add £2