Wednesday, 27 November 2013

update 27/11/2013

I'm actually quite shocked, science girl has sold over 100 copies in the first week, which is getting me really anxious to work on a proper game again...

both the next damsel quest game and my non adult game idea have similar mechanics so i could probably design them both alongside each other, however... my spriter is taking a break after science girl wore him out so i'm left with nothing to do...

one person on ULMF is considering commissioning that rpgmaker game i've been doing little bits and pieces of but i can't afford to commit to it unless i get the deposit at least (since i need to pay an artist for the cgs) this is cause english rpg maker games typically haven't been successful sales wise... (couldnt help working on it a little though) but because of the funding i would be releasing it at a cheaper price than i would be able to risk usually as the commission would provide me 8/52 weeks rent

the next damsel quest game is gonna be an action rpg/platformer, the upgrade system will allow the player to raise whichever stats they want using skill points upon leveling, but there will also be extra skills you can unlock by offering item drops at altars, like lifesteal (i do love that lifesteal) i dropped the parry system because it simplifies development and complexity doesnt always mean good gameplay

the non adult game will use the same engine as the dq game, but the upgrade system will be different, with an equip system instead, the different runes you can equip modify your stats and some offer abilities like taking less poison damage, this difference means i can keep the general gameplay the same but the challenge will be different, for example. the anti poison rune lowers your stats, but allows you enough time to get through a poison filled passageway, but the lowered stats means you have to be extra careful to avoid enemy strikes

and the rpgmaker game is similar in gameplay to ib or witch house, you find items, solve puzzles and make choices, but also you have to sneak through certain enemy filled areas, you can see a barebones example of the necessary scripts at work here
this game has also given me the opportunity to give emi her own game (she would have been the main love interest in that yuri game i gave up on a while back)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

To put things in perspective (moneys report)

this tax year, i have currently  made £129.69 per month, my rent per week is £, i'm still not there as success stories go...

so I'd like to hear more of what you guys and girls (shouldn't have been surprised about) want in your games :)  mechanics wise too, my research indicates that rpg mechanics such as leveling and choice in character progression adds a lot of replay value to a game, which is something i would prefer to making the player grind to unlock gallery stuff (great vita escape).

currently only got my object0 sprites to play with but there arent enough of them to make a full game, so im currently just building platformer mechanics for use in candy quest and damsel quest 3,

also someone might be commissioning an rpgmaker game from me, which i'm really looking forward too as many people seemed to have enjoyed princess escape and it's a similar format to that, and the funding means i can afford the risk of making it, you can also expect the game to be released cheaper as a result, but i cant start work properly until i get the deposit so i can pay the artist i want to work with for the cgs (because my own aren't really that good or consistent)

damsel quest
274 sales meaning roughly £822
science girl
49 sales roughly £79.87

7/12 months into the tax year

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

damsel quest

just a tiny patch for dq, cause one of the gallery cgs misdirects this version also still works with win8 aswell :)

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Science girl released

OKAY, science girl is finally complete after weeks of boredom waiting for sprites to be finished XD

here's the finished demo (though all that has changed in the demo level is the inclusion of the new sounds), but it also becomes the full game once the unlock file is placed in the game folder.
mega mirror

you can purchase the unlock file for £1.90 (i didn't know what to charge)

you can buy it at my tumblr

full version includes;

9 enemies
3 levels
1 happy end(?)

be sure to report any bugs that slipped through the net and i can patch it as soon as possible :)

Monday, 4 November 2013

my stance on piracy of my games

it's gonna happen and i don't mind that to some extent, but please keep it out of my face and don't do it in my threads... it really hurts to have something i worked hard on trampled by people and saying what is effectively "I want to play your game but don't want to pay a few dollars for it"

i know some people honestly can't afford it, or don't want it appearing on their records...but there's a perfectly good donate button for the latter, and only one person has used it.

edit- TWO PEOPLE now... though this does seem to be a kindness donation as they allready bought both games on sale atm
edit2- NOPE...same guy :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

damsel quest update

people were requesting some kind of save function and though i dislike the idea, i added it anyway cause it takes less than 5 minutes

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sales of damsel quest

okay it's been 10 days since damsel quest was released, I currently have a total of 139 sales, which for me should be a huge success, as i outsold princess escape's entire year of sales, there's still a large chance this could become my first actual success as far as sales go, I'd really like to get the 500 sales required to fulfill my promise of adding text to the game overs... so far I've made roughly £417 (less because dlsite cheat people out of money) so i've made less than £4 per hour i put into making it so far...put in perspective like that it's hard to celebrate just yet, but at 500 sales i've made 40% of my years rent, which is more than enough...

I spent today adding some new enemies to my shmup, few more bullet patterns, and found a small 2 line script that can prevent most windows8 sound crashes, so Witch vs slimes should have no issues :D (lucky karp), i checked in with my sprite artist and he's got 2/3 sprite sex animations complete all ready and they're pretty hot (still need orgasm versions),  my cg artist hurt his wrist so there might be a few small delays while we wait for that to recover, at the rate im working we should have a demo (without hentai) of the first level by next week.

I'm using an invisible entity in each level that checks if all the enemies are dispatched, increases a variable and calls (instance_create) a number of enemies based on that variable...unlike touhou i am adding a few random elements to enemy spawning like the x co-ordinate, so the level would never be exactly the same and while i've been playing around i've seen that the game can easily get crazy pretty fast, so i'd reccomend the player by extra heart containers as soon as possible (you start with 2 and can have a maximum of 5/7 havent decided yet

Friday, 6 September 2013

Damsel Quest I (for sale)

you can buy it on my tumblr

people using windows8 will need this version, but it also works on the other platforms too (pretty flower death particles)

because checkouts lead you to an unlock file, the dropbox link will always stay the same, for easy patching purposes...

"A Princess has been kidnapped and taken to a dark castle far from home,
she was locked in the dungeon while the dark forces decided how best to break her,
she picked the lock on her cage with her hairpin...

you must sneak from the castle"

controls -
arrow keys to move
hold down to crouch
x is jump
x when crouching to throw a rock (hold and release for more power)

bit of a genre buster this one, starts as stealth based platformer but switches up once she escapes from the castle, i had a lot of fun making it so i hope you enjoy playing it...

well now im gonna take a break before working on censoring it for the dlsite version

7pm gmt - finished the censored version and also somehow forgot to code in getting to some of the game over screens lmao...fixed now on both versions, hopefully its replaced before dlsite pick it up, syncing up now so leave it 10 minutes or so before redownloading the demo/fullgame

Thursday, 29 August 2013

I wanna cry

It finally happened...i got art block... just 4 cgs to go...and i cant draw anything good... i wanted to do a pic of the witch being licked out by the lust crazed princess...but i couldn't get it right no matter what i tried... 2 hours later am im stuck here feeling frustrated...

if anyone has any suggestions that would be nice

in other news, i just finished the design of level 4, meaning that all the levels are finished up to 7 now, so just 2 more chase levels and the boss to go now :), level 4 introduces the bouncy hearts :) which you can use to rapidly ascend and cross large distances, it's been fun designing this level and thanks to kajio i managed to replace my gravity check so now you can jump pretty much immediately upon landing...and though this had its own issues, i managed to squash that telefrag bug aswell (landing on a corner would cause you to teleport down until you hit a solid object, and if there werent any)...

im not sure i mentioned allready but the bones of the cg unlock system are done also, well done for every cg room i've done so far

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nun Vs Tentacles

 finished the game this morning simple idea, fight off the monsters, don't run out of health, the control scheme uses was and the 3 mouse buttons, players using a laptop may have some difficulty
 (like me haha) the game costs £1.50 as it's just a bit game, 4 cgs, 3 sprite sex animations, 
but it should be quite fun to play people wanting do buy using paypal  

once satisfied they can purchase the unlock file below 
the checkout here will send you to a download page for an unlock file, you just need to drop it into the game folder and the game will be unlocked people who want to buy through gumroad can just buy the full game with the unlock allready in it here be sure to try the demo first, as all sales are final. hopefully this game should help pay my rent up until i'm back at university.

Monday, 25 March 2013

:) H platformer

Started making the base for a hentai platformer 2 days ago, and i'm learning quickly, all my time with rpgmaker has taught me how to use variables and things :) number 1 use of variables, use a step event to tick down between enemy shooting and holy fuck that drone divebombs me awesome... (adds collision damage hehe)# should have a proper demo up soon -the concept- Robot girl with twin blasters is sent to deal with a group of perverts who are trying to take over town, but soon is drawn into a much bigger conspiracy, involving government research labs, brain control and demons/monsters Oh and she's sentient enough to have a pleasure chip :) plenty of opportunities for corruption. (struggle mechanic) should also be a system that lets the player unlock upgrades such as triple and quadruple jump as well as multiple weapons (such as an arcing weapon, a weapon with a mouse controlled targeting system and some powerhouse stuff) her main weapon are her dual hand cannons there's not much to look at yet but tutorial test enemy difficulty test I'll update these once I've actually drawn some more animations, need at least an idle animation and the shooting one next update expect some hentai animation too

Friday, 1 March 2013

Princess escape 1.0 released

The new version of princess escape is available from  my gumroad account now

(18+) Rpg maker game princess escape
In the new version I addressed many of the issues raised by the first one, i added some more Npc dialogue for people who thought that too many people didnt do anything in game and i added some meaningful sidequests and fixed it so the kitten and necklace sidequest can only be completed once :)

 to those of you that allready bought the game through my blog email me and i'll find another host to let you download it from :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

mediafire links down

both links to my full version games got taken down at last, allready re-upped erojanken to rapidshare instead but i thought i'd take this chance to add a little more to princess escape :)

I've added some new quests, some new npc interaction, fixed a few bugs (though the wrong maid sprite one IS STAYING) and fixed the sprite gangbang end (forgot to fade in again silly me) allthough it's still only a single cg i hope you like it...

people who allready bought the game and would like the new version can email or message me once ive finished tweaking everything

OH...i also fixed the personal record sign in the gallery in erojanken so it does actually record your best win

Saturday, 2 February 2013

been a while since i posted anything

at the moment I have two game ideas...ones a massive project following ringo's story and the other is a bit strange...i want to tell a nice supernatural yuri romance story...based on one of my first sexual fantasies... you can read more about it here (im testing the waters)

also i havent posted in a while so here's an alluring bespectacled beauty i just finished...sorry it isnt more mature :)