Wednesday, 27 August 2014

end of august update

Well, first of all, Dash!! finally got released yesterday on dlsite, I have high hopes that the game will sell well... while i was waiting on that i started another commissioned rpgmaker game - a small yuri sex wrestling game :), surprisingly i seem to be getting the work done on it rather quickly...

The game consists of a single match and starts off with a simple rock paper scissors, but the damage inflicted is 1-3 points, with a tug of war point system, every time the points hit the end, a grapple move happens based on the move that successfully did the damage that tipped it off the scale

my art has actually got a lot better, my lineart is still flawed but improving

in other news i've learned a lot code wise, in rpgmaker i've learned how to use labels which are really useful for skipping past certain things or repeating segments... in game maker i finally nailed down psuedo 3d, so in future i could do a birds eye tower defense game or a beatemup...or anything really

I made an offbeatr account and im getting ready to crowdfund a large rpgmaker game about a girl who is suddenly lumped with a huge debt and has a certain number of days to pay it back or lose her human rights and become a sex slave... there wont be any rpg combat, most days consist of deciding what to do, whether you go to work or go to the casino or shopping and special events can be unlocked over time by meeting npcs, there'd be many ways of making money, doing tasks for a mafia family (stealth missions), working part time, training other slaves and of course...prostitution :)

hmmm the blog is making them look darker than they should

^lustfire is doing the artwork for this game so it will be a while before i have the demo for making the crowdfunding page, but we have some nice concept art currently.

rika (my metroidvania) is on hold until i can think more about the function of enemies... like metroid has the floating ones that go back and forward for freezing as platforms, turret enemies and so on...
either way theres a lot of spriting still to be done on it.

My current goals in order of priority are:

Become a successful games designer with at least one hit.

pay my rent up until april (when i qualify for working tax credits which will make my life a lot easier). £2250

Pay off my overdraft before it stops being 0% august 2015. £2000

work towards moving out  £????

I feel like im forgetting something, but i still got plenty of game ideas up my sleeve.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Donate to Lustfire

He finally set himself up a paypal account :) so i can finally do this :) I set it up to send to his account :)

Dash official release (£3.20)

The demo and be found here
 and the unlock file can be purchased here

ROR game about red riding hood racing to her friends cottage before the big bad wolf completely fucks her silly...
she must evade capture by the many monsters and traps left in her path, and use her dash ability to traverse the levels.

 please download the demo to confirm compatibility (you'll need it anyway for the unlock file)

arrow keys to move
z - dash
x - jump
c -dash/jump (must be on ground)

game features 
8 delicious HCG curtesy of Lustfire
6 H animations
2 endings
25 levels

This game is the result of gathering feedback on damsel quest, I'm sure the people who enjoyed that game will enjoy the more fast paced gameplay in dash!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Another whim of mine - GAMES MULTIPACK

on a whim I decided to sell a multi-pack of my games, naturally theres a discount involved :3

for £5.40, you get 4 of my games (click the links for the demos)

Damsel Quest
Science Girl

Nun vs Tentacles

after checkout you should get redirected to a dropbox download of a zip containing the unlock files,
you need to download the demos and place these unlock files in the same folder as their respective games. if you don't get redirected, you can email me at with your paypal email address and i will send you the link personally.

the checkout can be found here :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yuko pay what you want

I'm doing a pay what you want for the unlock file of yuko
(sorry to the guy who bought it today before someone suggested it)
I have no way of setting a minimum amount because paypal is dumb,
but i would request a minimum of £1 cause paypal costs at least 20p

 the usual buy now page has been replaced not sure if the buy it now is permanent but do enjoy...
the demo can be found at the yuko page here and you place the yukounlock.rvdata you get from the checkout in the game folder with the exe to unlock the full game


Monday, 14 July 2014

my 2 year anniverary

27th of july i think ...2 years since i began work on princess escape... i still cant call myself a success, but i should be fine if i can survive until i qualify for working tax credits when i turn 25

anyway, i've been thinking of giving a game away for free again... i'm hoping some people will donate :)

probably be yuko, since the others are still selling better than it :)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dash!! (pre-orders)

the run or rape game i've almost finished is available for a sort of early access/pre-order thing, i'm in need of some money (not for rent, im paid til september) and barreytor suggested i do pre-orders and since i allready had the unlock file for dash i thought "I can totally do that."

so, i can sell dash!! at a discount in advance, the unlock file can all ready get past the end of demo barrier and allow the player to see the levels i've been working on, unfortunately none of the new cgs are ready yet and are why the game will be a little late (originally was a small project but lustfire wanted to do more cg ^w^ )

basically it lets you keep an eye on me, in the next week i expect to get all the placeholders done, maybe add some sound and hopefully get some spriting done for the slug enemies and the wolf in the endings :) ...the minimum amount of time lust will need for the cg are 12 days

the game upon release will be old at the same price as the now reduced damsel quest (£3.20), but these advance copies, as well as getting a thank you in the credits, will be reduced to £2.3/$4 usd

the current release date is the end of july

be sure to follow the instructions on the checkout page :)

mouse in the level select screen to select (left click)
enter- confirm/retry on game over screens/grapples
arrow keys to move
x - jump
z - dash
c - dash-jump (on ground)

Thursday, 26 June 2014


forgot to say, all better now :)  working hard, I haven't got much to do yet, look forward to the finished game :3 (im really hoping 2 weeks is long enough for the cg to be finished)

Sunday, 15 June 2014


not had much chance to work these last few days as i've been pretty ill in ways id rather not talk about, though i'm still hopeful i can get dash done and released by the end of the month, i've still got 15 levels to design for it and its not inconceivable that id manage more than one level in a day, so plenty of time...

really hoping this stops soon

Thursday, 15 May 2014

What do you guys want to hear about?

I'm currently working 2 projects (with a 3rd lined up)
the little red rpgmaker game is taking a back seat to a metroidvania i'm making about a witch trying to acquire a magic tome from an ancient library. it will feature a level up and stat point system, but no map, it's rather like kurovadis in those regards. so far the cast of enemies only feature monster girls, and bats, but i plan to expand it more, just having a little difficulty with the spriting side of things

the lined up project is a deck building game against the computer, kinda like tanto cuore, only instead of hiring maids, the players are using their wiles to seduce and accquire harems, which then can be used to try and make your opponent orgasm. it's the kind of game that would be made a lot better by crowdfunding as it allows people to submit their own card/opponent designs, that one would require a lot of work as it needs win and loss cgs for both the male and female PC against all opponents,

most deck building games start you off with dead draws that usually cant be removed from the deck until later in the game, in this game, these cards damage you by a point if you dont play them, meaning the player who gets 5 currency in one hand will take more damage than the player who gets a 3/4 split, its surprisingly effective, the point system is also zero sum, like a tug of war

ANYWAY, comment below if you want me to talk about something specific

Friday, 9 May 2014

demo links down for now

If my demo links or checkouts aren't working/redirecting, this is why, i'm setting up alternative demo downloads on mega!30xGEDxR!HqPOxu9OLqUO07dHEZ63lQ

right this should take you to a folder with DQ demo (with the ammended script so as to not crash during level 6 on windows 8), an early gameplay test of my witch metroidvania that im working on,
princess escape (not sure if full version or the older one without the pacman thing during the emperor route) and the yuko demo, let me know if you needed anything else

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tax year just ended :) damsel quest price reduced /updates

end of my second tax year now, Including donations (of which roughly £250 came from boredbirdy)
I made £1143 this year, I want to thank everyone who helped support me as my university education comes to a close, my last student grant should pay my rent up until september but by then I need to be earning a living wage... I hope that i can keep making games because i find it really fun...

Anyway, first off Yuko was released 2 weeks back and has 33 paypal sales so far, but chances are it will go largely ignored by the japanese marker. so, i started another RPGmaker Game about little red riding hood. I've wanted to make a little red game for ages now, and I have LustFire helping by doing the CG... I'm loving what he's done so far... these look amazing...

the game is about little red (Aya) on her way to visit a friend in the woods, the wolf confronts her before running off ahead of her (after flirting and receiving bullets in return)...and now she has to navigate the woods, but many things are out to  bar her path and sidetrack her :)

can she make it to the woods before the wolf has completely enslaved her friend?

well, because of the nature of this game, the demo will actually go all the way to the end, however the player will only be able to access about half the sex content... 2/4 temples aya needs to get the treasures from to gain the better endings will be sealed.

the game will feature both save and checkpoints, with only things like getting trapped inside a temple after you take the treasure causing actual game overs :3 most enemies will grope you, fuck you good, and leave you naked in the woods free to continue your journey and in the case of the temples, the two featured in the demo have a timer on the escape and a checkpoint activates...meaning enemies wanting to fuck you there will waste time by zapping you back to the treasure room after having their way with you, increasing the likelihood the temple will close and you'll be stuck with them forever :)

i'm currently designing the 2nd half of the game so i can give you guys a demo as soon as possible

AND LASTLY... to celebrate my 2nd tax year, i've reduced the price of damsel quest to £3.20 (from £4.60)  and the unlock file still includes the unlock data for nuns vs tentacles aswell :)


Friday, 4 April 2014

Yuko just hit dlsite

god this took forever...a few times i sent back censored versions only to find out they hadn't told me all of the issues, then when i finall had they told me about a bug, and after i fixed that i rezipped everything, only to find my uncensored images had been zipped in accidentally

also they didn't like my unlock system and insisted i redo my demo file because they were too dumb to follow the instruction...DO NOT DISTRIBUTE DEMO WITH THE YUKOUNLOCK FILE IN IT

Thursday, 3 April 2014

LustFire + Updates

A small offering from my friend LustFire, if you feel like it,
you can see some of their other works by going to their artwork thread in ulmf
you might need to sign up to see them though, I'm not sure how attachments work on there.

I'm working on multiple projects myself, I started another Rpgmaker game the day Yuko was released, but the demo is taking longer than usual because i want to let the player experience most of the game and at least the worst (or best depending on the player's tastes) ending...though the game will have a few prerequisites to get the other endings, these wont be possible in the demo allowing for a wide range of content...

will update when im closer to the demo release date, but the gameplay for the demo is over 50% done