Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tax year just ended :) damsel quest price reduced /updates

end of my second tax year now, Including donations (of which roughly £250 came from boredbirdy)
I made £1143 this year, I want to thank everyone who helped support me as my university education comes to a close, my last student grant should pay my rent up until september but by then I need to be earning a living wage... I hope that i can keep making games because i find it really fun...

Anyway, first off Yuko was released 2 weeks back and has 33 paypal sales so far, but chances are it will go largely ignored by the japanese marker. so, i started another RPGmaker Game about little red riding hood. I've wanted to make a little red game for ages now, and I have LustFire helping by doing the CG... I'm loving what he's done so far... these look amazing...

the game is about little red (Aya) on her way to visit a friend in the woods, the wolf confronts her before running off ahead of her (after flirting and receiving bullets in return)...and now she has to navigate the woods, but many things are out to  bar her path and sidetrack her :)

can she make it to the woods before the wolf has completely enslaved her friend?

well, because of the nature of this game, the demo will actually go all the way to the end, however the player will only be able to access about half the sex content... 2/4 temples aya needs to get the treasures from to gain the better endings will be sealed.

the game will feature both save and checkpoints, with only things like getting trapped inside a temple after you take the treasure causing actual game overs :3 most enemies will grope you, fuck you good, and leave you naked in the woods free to continue your journey and in the case of the temples, the two featured in the demo have a timer on the escape and a checkpoint activates...meaning enemies wanting to fuck you there will waste time by zapping you back to the treasure room after having their way with you, increasing the likelihood the temple will close and you'll be stuck with them forever :)

i'm currently designing the 2nd half of the game so i can give you guys a demo as soon as possible

AND LASTLY... to celebrate my 2nd tax year, i've reduced the price of damsel quest to £3.20 (from £4.60)  and the unlock file still includes the unlock data for nuns vs tentacles aswell :)



Friday, 4 April 2014

Yuko just hit dlsite

god this took forever...a few times i sent back censored versions only to find out they hadn't told me all of the issues, then when i finall had they told me about a bug, and after i fixed that i rezipped everything, only to find my uncensored images had been zipped in accidentally

also they didn't like my unlock system and insisted i redo my demo file because they were too dumb to follow the instruction...DO NOT DISTRIBUTE DEMO WITH THE YUKOUNLOCK FILE IN IT

Thursday, 3 April 2014

LustFire + Updates

A small offering from my friend LustFire, if you feel like it,
you can see some of their other works by going to their artwork thread in ulmf
you might need to sign up to see them though, I'm not sure how attachments work on there.

I'm working on multiple projects myself, I started another Rpgmaker game the day Yuko was released, but the demo is taking longer than usual because i want to let the player experience most of the game and at least the worst (or best depending on the player's tastes) ending...though the game will have a few prerequisites to get the other endings, these wont be possible in the demo allowing for a wide range of content...

will update when im closer to the demo release date, but the gameplay for the demo is over 50% done

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

bug fixes (yuko)

added an event to stop the timer completely when you leave the time trap room
replaced the placeholder event for the wolf (dunno how that slipped through the net cause id have no way of previewing the scene otherwise)

double checked the time trap section of the game... i found nothing wrong with it :)

the demo file on the yuko page has been replaced with the new file :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Yuko is finished :)

Yuko is a stealth based puzzle game about a slave being given a chance to win her freedom,
if she gets caught by the guards of succubi, slimes and more she gets felt up and fucked in various ways.

13 CG (26 variants)
5 Hentai endings (+1 with no sex)

To purchase the game you'll need download the latest demo 
yuko demo
you need the
vx ace rtp

place the yukounlock.rvdata in the game folder (replace the one allready there)
and you can go beyond the end of the demo (the bridge trap wont trigger)

I'll submit the game to dlsite later, i still need to censor everything :)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

White mage game mechanics demo

i've been working on this for a week so far while i wait for the remainder of the cgs i need to finish Yuko, other than that all the gameplay is done on that game.

You play a white mage navigating a castle, armed with her magical weapon (i'm tempted to call it mjolinir as it resembles the thing vikings wore) it also kinda looks like an anchor... she has to explore the castle and find new skills that let her proceed... such as the ability to use the weapon as a grappling hook, and her holy hand grenades strong enough to know down walls

there's only a few enemies so far as i havent got round to making the sprites yet, but i wanted to let you experiment with the core mechanics

this demo does not reflect the quality of the final product...in fact the 2nd room is intended to be the room after the boss of the first floor

wasd to move
w - jump/enter doors
q- use save points

aim with mouse
hold left click to call the anchor weapon, release to throw it, holding it will also charge the attack

hold right click to throw a grenade, people who've played worms before will probably understand it...

Demo download here
Mega mirror

I am reusing the nun character model but i plan on doing way more with this game than i did for nun vs tentacles.

design wise each door in the hub level will lead to a string of small levels, that eventually loop you back to the hub level (hopefully with a key or a new skill that lets you access a new area), each floor will also have a boss...

anti frustration features - the game will feature lives and they let you repeat the current room, running out of lives drops you back at the hub...so you dont lose any keys you managed to gather before losing... also you see the hentai scenes and cg before repeating, to make it easier to unlock them all...

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Yuko update

okay, i've got the sex scenes done for the demo :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ooogwixodupssb6/Yuko.zip here it is, the game still needs the orc forest stealth segment and the rest of the big bad wolf chase to be made...i'm also waiting on the cg for the sex scenes from my lovely artist
here's some of her work

this game has actually been really fun to make so far...though unlike princess escape and erojanken i have taken a more descriptive style towards the sex (i havent done any speech bubbles like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN <3)

still gonna end up being corny as fuck but should at least give you a laugh if not a boner

Monday, 6 January 2014

yuko (working title)

one of my projects started as a game commission but the guy lost his job, but i'd came too far with the project not to finish it, here's the current demo for Yuko, there's no hentai in it yet because i've been having trouble getting motivated to draw, while the gameplay is almost completely done, and in fact...i've stopped working on it out of fear that i'd just have cg left to draw and that'd be painful...

hopefully you can expect some ravishing moments from succubi, fire sprites, and a sexy wolfman...as well as some lovely make up sex :)

the game is a simple stealth game with puzzles, enjoy :)

OH and look forward to the finished release, I'm really hoping this one does well ^^

Monday, 2 December 2013

early days :D

Nun vs tentacles off the market (paypal)

because both it and damsel quest use an "unlock.ini", and dropbox cant handle that, NVT is off the market for the forseeable future :3, however i allready uncluded unlock data for nun vs tentacles inside the unlock.ini for damsel quest, so be sure to enjoy your free copy (dl the demo, copy the dq unlock.ini into the demo folder ???? profit)

reminding people because a random xmas event i added back when i made NVT ages ago to trigger in december :)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

update 27/11/2013

I'm actually quite shocked, science girl has sold over 100 copies in the first week, which is getting me really anxious to work on a proper game again...

both the next damsel quest game and my non adult game idea have similar mechanics so i could probably design them both alongside each other, however... my spriter is taking a break after science girl wore him out so i'm left with nothing to do...

one person on ULMF is considering commissioning that rpgmaker game i've been doing little bits and pieces of but i can't afford to commit to it unless i get the deposit at least (since i need to pay an artist for the cgs) this is cause english rpg maker games typically haven't been successful sales wise... (couldnt help working on it a little though) but because of the funding i would be releasing it at a cheaper price than i would be able to risk usually as the commission would provide me 8/52 weeks rent

the next damsel quest game is gonna be an action rpg/platformer, the upgrade system will allow the player to raise whichever stats they want using skill points upon leveling, but there will also be extra skills you can unlock by offering item drops at altars, like lifesteal (i do love that lifesteal) i dropped the parry system because it simplifies development and complexity doesnt always mean good gameplay

the non adult game will use the same engine as the dq game, but the upgrade system will be different, with an equip system instead, the different runes you can equip modify your stats and some offer abilities like taking less poison damage, this difference means i can keep the general gameplay the same but the challenge will be different, for example. the anti poison rune lowers your stats, but allows you enough time to get through a poison filled passageway, but the lowered stats means you have to be extra careful to avoid enemy strikes

and the rpgmaker game is similar in gameplay to ib or witch house, you find items, solve puzzles and make choices, but also you have to sneak through certain enemy filled areas, you can see a barebones example of the necessary scripts at work here
this game has also given me the opportunity to give emi her own game (she would have been the main love interest in that yuri game i gave up on a while back)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

To put things in perspective (moneys report)

this tax year, i have currently  made £129.69 per month, my rent per week is £75...so, i'm still not there as success stories go...

so I'd like to hear more of what you guys and girls (shouldn't have been surprised about) want in your games :)  mechanics wise too, my research indicates that rpg mechanics such as leveling and choice in character progression adds a lot of replay value to a game, which is something i would prefer to making the player grind to unlock gallery stuff (great vita escape).

currently only got my object0 sprites to play with but there arent enough of them to make a full game, so im currently just building platformer mechanics for use in candy quest and damsel quest 3,

also someone might be commissioning an rpgmaker game from me, which i'm really looking forward too as many people seemed to have enjoyed princess escape and it's a similar format to that, and the funding means i can afford the risk of making it, you can also expect the game to be released cheaper as a result, but i cant start work properly until i get the deposit so i can pay the artist i want to work with for the cgs (because my own aren't really that good or consistent)

damsel quest
274 sales meaning roughly £822
science girl
49 sales roughly £79.87

7/12 months into the tax year

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

damsel quest

just a tiny patch for dq, cause one of the gallery cgs misdirects https://www.dropbox.com/s/guv8wu2ntpmyyn4/princess%20HGAME%20win8%20fixed.exe this version also still works with win8 aswell :)