Tuesday, 24 February 2015


because of the policy update banning erotic images and video, i've been porting my product pages over to tumblr, be sure to follow me there to get the latest info, the checkouts will still be on the pages here but i'll be able to have preview images over at tumblr


i've also been trying to delete all the pictures so a lot of my old posts i deleted outright

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Majo - released (RPG)

Majo is a simple RPG Maker ace game about a witch named Izuki that gets kicked out of her home by the Demon King whom lusts after her body. Now she must take down his dungeons to build her strength and gain new abilities (hookshot and a bow), solve puzzles, get to tie up enemies (or be tied up by them) and generally have fun before going back to kick his ass.

it's a fun and comedic story that ought to take 90 minutes to complete but there's a nice amount of content including unique game over scenes for most enemies (some of the are grouped into one scene)

be sure to try the demo :)

8 sexy enemies
9 game over scenes
13cg +variants
4 dungeons to puzzle and fight through

sexual attacks - kiss, grope, and whip your way to victory
sexual status effects- horny and tied up, tied up gives you a sexy image of some enemies (and laughable ones for some others)
on map abilities - hookshot and the bow for fun puzzles.

 You can purchase the game at dlsite (which is censored and more expensive)
or buy the unlock file for 7usd/£4.6 (roughly) by following the link below

to stay out of the reach of a new annoying VAT law in the EU, I have to manually email all unlock files to customers, so sometimes you might have to wait a few hours to receive it.

once you have the unlock file, all you need to do is put it in the same folder as the game.exe in the demo

Thursday, 5 February 2015

update 5/02/2015

Work on Majo is progressing smoothly, chances are game will be done in the next 3 weeks...
yesterday i got the base for dungeon 4 made along with this pretty girl. [picture removed]

currently she's called coco but i'm open to ideas.

Also, I have a patreon now, people wanting to support me can go there...though i don't want people to feel short changed, so it should only be for people who want to support me making games and have spare money...

I keep getting down , because I don't seem to get many responses to the threads i post about my games... the only time i got any real replies were when i held competitions for free copies and the like...but those werent really good for sales.

I have a deadline looming, in august my student overdraft starts charging interest, so i need to make £1950 before then or I'll be stuck with an endless debt, my mother is kind enough to not kick me out though i haven't paid any rent since before xmas. So any donations/commissions are greatly appreciated.

Damsel quest remains my best selling game(272 copies), with science girl trailing behind by 50 copies. Grimoire hasn't hit 100 sales yet, so i'm dissappointed in that too, i thought it was a fun game...

if all this comes off as whiny that's fine, i understand most of the fault lies with me as an artist and a spriter, and maybe as a games designer too, but I'd like to hear from people even if they don't like me very much...

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Please donate

all proceeds go towards securing my future so i can make more games

Saturday, 17 January 2015

checkouts down

"Hello, Your blog at http://azure-game.blogspot.com/ has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources: Terms of Service: http://www.blogger.com/go/terms Blogger Content Policy: http://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy -The Blogger Team"


trying to get it back up, if i cant i'll just add the checkouts here 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

skirting the new vat law (EU)

okay, from now on i'll have to email unlock files manually to customers, i'll be doing this by replying to the paypal receipts so be sure to use your own paypal account for purchases :3

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Grimoire (released)

migrating pics to tumblr because content policy update

Grimoire is finished, the complete (demo) can be downloaded here

price is 6usd/£3.80

the game has 5 7 hentai cg and 5 sprite animations.

Rika the rookie witch is dropped into the depths of a magical dungeon after the tome she is after is seized by another witch, the dungeon is filled with spikes, tentacles and monsters all after her body
she must learn new spells to traverse the and escape the dungeon

the game is an adventure platformer featuring a basic exp system, choose which stats to boost each level, learning new spells let you access new areas in a metroidvania fashion (though like kurovadis the game is linear)

X to jump/confirm
C to cast spell
enter key to pause
arrow keys to move
up/down to aim

Thursday, 11 December 2014

new EU legislation that would fuck us over big, but only fucks us a little (GRIMOIRE/RIKA UNLOCK RELEASED)

thanks to this legislation (to avoid being in the scope of it) i'll have to remove my automated redirection through paypal as of january 1st, instead...i will have to email everyone manually with the unlock file for the games attached to each customer. If i manually email a link, I'd still have to do everything in this new legislation and shit...

i don't understand how they can think this is a good idea, the only people it will affect are the smaller businesses.

unfortunately this means some people might have to wait for me to wake up to be able to send the unlock files to them, and it pisses me off too. but having the chance to talk with you people more is much better than having to file 112 VAT returns per year (one for each of the EU countries).

And so, this means I'll be letting people buy the unlock file for Grimoire (rika) early,
the game is almost done, just the final boss and the ending left to finish.
only fair there's a slight discount for you but i'm sure you wouldn't wanna wait 6-12 hours for something.

all the checkouts will remain active (with the proper redirect) UNTIL I disable them on new years eve (or maybe a day before that)

Latest version (demo+unlock=full game)

the checkout is hosted here (6usd/£3.80)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Grimoire (Rika) nearing completion

I'd have liked this game to be a metroidvania, but this game is more like kurovadis and it's linearity.
A simple story, Rika the witch is trying to obtain a dangerous magical tome. but when she arrives at the dungeon it's located in, she finds another witch got there first, whom dumps her into the depths of the castle. Rika is a dropout so she only has one basic projectile spell to being with, and must fight her way through the depths to obtain more spells and find a way back up to defeat the other witch.

this is the final demo content wise, but the unlock file has not been generated yet so people will need to redownload it when i release some time before the 20th

controls are arrow keys to move, X to jump, and C to use spells.

the other day i spent 3 hours going through every room in the game and tiling it.
the list of stuff i have left to make is as follows
final boss room - including the remaining attacks for the boss and game over animation
3 game over cg
crush the bug that leads to the wrong game over cg.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dropbox still down

the ban seems to have been extended beyond what it should so i've mirrored most of my demos on mega

i have also redirected my checkouts to mega, so now i dont have to email everyone who buys one of my games (though a few dont get through every now and then)

expo was great. didn't buy much though, couple of no game no life wallscrolls, a momo deviluke figure, some lovely wolf ears, and sora's tee-shirt from ngnl

also, my girlfriend proposed to me with a ring in a tardis...that was a shock, so yeah, im a finacee now

Friday, 15 August 2014

Dash official release (£3.20)

The demo can be found here

price is £3.20, i will email the unlock files after receiving the receipt

ROR game about red riding hood racing to her friends cottage before the big bad wolf completely fucks her silly...
she must evade capture by the many monsters and traps left in her path, and use her dash ability to traverse the levels.

 please download the demo to confirm compatibility (you'll need it anyway for the unlock file)

arrow keys to move
z - dash
x - jump
c -dash/jump (must be on ground)

game features 
8 delicious HCG curtesy of Lustfire
6 H animations
2 endings
25 levels

This game is the result of gathering feedback on damsel quest, I'm sure the people who enjoyed that game will enjoy the more fast paced gameplay in dash!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Another whim of mine - GAMES MULTIPACK

on a whim I decided to sell a multi-pack of my games, naturally theres a discount involved :3

for £5.40, you get 4 of my games (click the links for the demos)

Damsel Quest
Science Girl

Nun vs Tentacles

after checkout you should get redirected to a dropbox download of a zip containing the unlock files,
you need to download the demos and place these unlock files in the same folder as their respective games. if you don't get redirected, you can email me at azurecircle@hotmail.co.uk with your paypal email address and i will send you the link personally.

the checkout can be found here :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yuko pay what you want

I'm doing a pay what you want for the unlock file of yuko
(sorry to the guy who bought it today before someone suggested it)
I have no way of setting a minimum amount because paypal is dumb,
but i would request a minimum of £1 cause paypal costs at least 20p

 the usual buy now page has been replaced not sure if the buy it now is permanent but do enjoy...
the demo can be found at the yuko page here and you place the yukounlock.rvdata you get from the checkout in the game folder with the exe to unlock the full game

EMAIL ME IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS, azurecircle@hotmail.co.uk

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dash!! (pre-orders)

the run or rape game i've almost finished is available for a sort of early access/pre-order thing, i'm in need of some money (not for rent, im paid til september) and barreytor suggested i do pre-orders and since i allready had the unlock file for dash i thought "I can totally do that."

so, i can sell dash!! at a discount in advance, the unlock file can all ready get past the end of demo barrier and allow the player to see the levels i've been working on, unfortunately none of the new cgs are ready yet and are why the game will be a little late (originally was a small project but lustfire wanted to do more cg ^w^ )

basically it lets you keep an eye on me, in the next week i expect to get all the placeholders done, maybe add some sound and hopefully get some spriting done for the slug enemies and the wolf in the endings :) ...the minimum amount of time lust will need for the cg are 12 days

the game upon release will be old at the same price as the now reduced damsel quest (£3.20), but these advance copies, as well as getting a thank you in the credits, will be reduced to £2.3/$4 usd

the current release date is the end of july

be sure to follow the instructions on the checkout page :)

mouse in the level select screen to select (left click)
enter- confirm/retry on game over screens/grapples
arrow keys to move
x - jump
z - dash
c - dash-jump (on ground)