Sunday, 23 March 2014


Yuko is finished :)

pay what you want (minimum £1)
you can get it at my tumblr (i think)

Yuko is a stealth based puzzle game about a slave being given a chance to win her freedom,
if she gets caught by the guards of succubi, slimes and more she gets felt up and fucked in various ways.

13 CG (26 variants)
5 Hentai endings (+1 with no sex)

the game contains some pretty difficult puzzles, one in particular has a bit of a meta solution involving data shared across all save files.

To purchase the game you'll need download the latest demo 
yuko demo
you need the
vx ace rtp

and then you can purchase the unlock file here
place the yukounlock.rvdata in the game folder (replace the one allready there)
and you can go beyond the end of the demo (the bridge trap wont trigger)

I'll submit the game to dlsite later, i still need to censor everything :)