Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nun Vs Tentacles

 finished the game this morning simple idea, fight off the monsters, don't run out of health, the control scheme uses was and the 3 mouse buttons, players using a laptop may have some difficulty
 (like me haha) the game costs £1.50 as it's just a bit game, 4 cgs, 3 sprite sex animations, 
but it should be quite fun to play people wanting do buy using paypal  

once satisfied they can purchase the unlock file below 
the checkout here will send you to a download page for an unlock file, you just need to drop it into the game folder and the game will be unlocked people who want to buy through gumroad can just buy the full game with the unlock allready in it here be sure to try the demo first, as all sales are final. hopefully this game should help pay my rent up until i'm back at university.