Monday, 4 May 2015

Havent posted here in a while. updates

Currently working on a metroidvania,

should be finished in a few days, but im mostly using my tumblr for my games stuff now
i think people are a bit late to get this game for pledging on patreon, but people wanting to support me can go here

figured id post here on the off chance there was someone in those 500k hits that hadnt found out i moved to tumblr yet.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


because of the policy update banning erotic images and video, i've been porting my product pages over to tumblr, be sure to follow me there to get the latest info, the checkouts will still be on the pages here but i'll be able to have preview images over at tumblr

i've also been trying to delete all the pictures so a lot of my old posts i deleted outright

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Majo - released (RPG)

Majo is a simple RPG Maker ace game about a witch named Izuki that gets kicked out of her home by the Demon King whom lusts after her body. Now she must take down his dungeons to build her strength and gain new abilities (hookshot and a bow), solve puzzles, get to tie up enemies (or be tied up by them) and generally have fun before going back to kick his ass.

it's a fun and comedic story that ought to take 90 minutes to complete but there's a nice amount of content including unique game over scenes for most enemies (some of the are grouped into one scene)

be sure to try the demo :)

8 sexy enemies
9 game over scenes
13cg +variants
4 dungeons to puzzle and fight through

sexual attacks - kiss, grope, and whip your way to victory
sexual status effects- horny and tied up, tied up gives you a sexy image of some enemies (and laughable ones for some others)
on map abilities - hookshot and the bow for fun puzzles.

 You can purchase the game at dlsite (which is censored and more expensive)
or buy the unlock file for 7usd/£4.6 (roughly) by following the link below

to stay out of the reach of a new annoying VAT law in the EU, I have to manually email all unlock files to customers, so sometimes you might have to wait a few hours to receive it.

once you have the unlock file, all you need to do is put it in the same folder as the game.exe in the demo

Thursday, 5 February 2015

update 5/02/2015

Work on Majo is progressing smoothly, chances are game will be done in the next 3 weeks...
yesterday i got the base for dungeon 4 made along with this pretty girl. [picture removed]

currently she's called coco but i'm open to ideas.

Also, I have a patreon now, people wanting to support me can go there...though i don't want people to feel short changed, so it should only be for people who want to support me making games and have spare money...

I keep getting down , because I don't seem to get many responses to the threads i post about my games... the only time i got any real replies were when i held competitions for free copies and the like...but those werent really good for sales.

I have a deadline looming, in august my student overdraft starts charging interest, so i need to make £1950 before then or I'll be stuck with an endless debt, my mother is kind enough to not kick me out though i haven't paid any rent since before xmas. So any donations/commissions are greatly appreciated.

Damsel quest remains my best selling game(272 copies), with science girl trailing behind by 50 copies. Grimoire hasn't hit 100 sales yet, so i'm dissappointed in that too, i thought it was a fun game...

if all this comes off as whiny that's fine, i understand most of the fault lies with me as an artist and a spriter, and maybe as a games designer too, but I'd like to hear from people even if they don't like me very much...