Monday, 25 March 2013

:) H platformer

Started making the base for a hentai platformer 2 days ago, and i'm learning quickly, all my time with rpgmaker has taught me how to use variables and things :) number 1 use of variables, use a step event to tick down between enemy shooting and holy fuck that drone divebombs me awesome... (adds collision damage hehe)# should have a proper demo up soon -the concept- Robot girl with twin blasters is sent to deal with a group of perverts who are trying to take over town, but soon is drawn into a much bigger conspiracy, involving government research labs, brain control and demons/monsters Oh and she's sentient enough to have a pleasure chip :) plenty of opportunities for corruption. (struggle mechanic) should also be a system that lets the player unlock upgrades such as triple and quadruple jump as well as multiple weapons (such as an arcing weapon, a weapon with a mouse controlled targeting system and some powerhouse stuff) her main weapon are her dual hand cannons there's not much to look at yet but tutorial test enemy difficulty test I'll update these once I've actually drawn some more animations, need at least an idle animation and the shooting one next update expect some hentai animation too

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