Thursday, 29 August 2013

I wanna cry

It finally happened...i got art block... just 4 cgs to go...and i cant draw anything good... i wanted to do a pic of the witch being licked out by the lust crazed princess...but i couldn't get it right no matter what i tried... 2 hours later am im stuck here feeling frustrated...

if anyone has any suggestions that would be nice

in other news, i just finished the design of level 4, meaning that all the levels are finished up to 7 now, so just 2 more chase levels and the boss to go now :), level 4 introduces the bouncy hearts :) which you can use to rapidly ascend and cross large distances, it's been fun designing this level and thanks to kajio i managed to replace my gravity check so now you can jump pretty much immediately upon landing...and though this had its own issues, i managed to squash that telefrag bug aswell (landing on a corner would cause you to teleport down until you hit a solid object, and if there werent any)...

im not sure i mentioned allready but the bones of the cg unlock system are done also, well done for every cg room i've done so far