Monday, 16 September 2013

Sales of damsel quest

okay it's been 10 days since damsel quest was released, I currently have a total of 139 sales, which for me should be a huge success, as i outsold princess escape's entire year of sales, there's still a large chance this could become my first actual success as far as sales go, I'd really like to get the 500 sales required to fulfill my promise of adding text to the game overs... so far I've made roughly £417 (less because dlsite cheat people out of money) so i've made less than £4 per hour i put into making it so far...put in perspective like that it's hard to celebrate just yet, but at 500 sales i've made 40% of my years rent, which is more than enough...

I spent today adding some new enemies to my shmup, few more bullet patterns, and found a small 2 line script that can prevent most windows8 sound crashes, so Witch vs slimes should have no issues :D (lucky karp), i checked in with my sprite artist and he's got 2/3 sprite sex animations complete all ready and they're pretty hot (still need orgasm versions),  my cg artist hurt his wrist so there might be a few small delays while we wait for that to recover, at the rate im working we should have a demo (without hentai) of the first level by next week.

I'm using an invisible entity in each level that checks if all the enemies are dispatched, increases a variable and calls (instance_create) a number of enemies based on that variable...unlike touhou i am adding a few random elements to enemy spawning like the x co-ordinate, so the level would never be exactly the same and while i've been playing around i've seen that the game can easily get crazy pretty fast, so i'd reccomend the player by extra heart containers as soon as possible (you start with 2 and can have a maximum of 5/7 havent decided yet

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