Wednesday, 20 November 2013

To put things in perspective (moneys report)

this tax year, i have currently  made £129.69 per month, my rent per week is £, i'm still not there as success stories go...

so I'd like to hear more of what you guys and girls (shouldn't have been surprised about) want in your games :)  mechanics wise too, my research indicates that rpg mechanics such as leveling and choice in character progression adds a lot of replay value to a game, which is something i would prefer to making the player grind to unlock gallery stuff (great vita escape).

currently only got my object0 sprites to play with but there arent enough of them to make a full game, so im currently just building platformer mechanics for use in candy quest and damsel quest 3,

also someone might be commissioning an rpgmaker game from me, which i'm really looking forward too as many people seemed to have enjoyed princess escape and it's a similar format to that, and the funding means i can afford the risk of making it, you can also expect the game to be released cheaper as a result, but i cant start work properly until i get the deposit so i can pay the artist i want to work with for the cgs (because my own aren't really that good or consistent)

damsel quest
274 sales meaning roughly £822
science girl
49 sales roughly £79.87

7/12 months into the tax year


  1. A really good game for me, would be a platformer with sprite sex like you do, but involving masturbation, monster rape, birth, money gaining with an orgasm bar rising with each encounters, with free roams levels, clothing and items collecting, well a mix of this game: this one and this one:
    Sorry for the links, but i don't know how to show you what a "good" platformer is without examples (would be too long to explain and my english is too poor.)

    The matter with your games, that there are too much like "mini-games" like your revamp of jungle girl. I prefer to pay 10€for a "good game" that takes me like 2 ou 3 hours to finish (and for which I can fap more than one time ;D) than 2 or 3 € for a mini-game.

    but remember thats my own perception of a good game (and don't hesitate to remove the links if you don't want them to be seen)

    1. dont be silly msn :) of course the links are fine, the sprite fidelity of science girl (which i didnt enjoy making) has actually worn out the guy who does them for me, so i wanted to focus more on good gameplay, ya can count on them having in gameplay sex though, was considering having too many orgasms a loss condition, because it would stop people turtling


  2. The main thing which is missing in your platformers games is the freedom to roam in different levels, fights differents ennemies who would interact differently towards you if you meet certains conditions like for exemple, Arousal meter (your character would prefer to suck a monster 's *** than taking it in the vageegee cause she isn't enought aroused) , charisma (maybe a monster would prefer to eat you than rape you (for those who likes "vore"). just to add some "deepness" to the gameplay.

    1. i'm trying to think, cause damsel quest 3 hadn't anything besides corrupted human knights as enemies so far... though i suppose i could have magical creatures like shadow beasts, no vore though, spriter feels unconfortable when anything gets close to it

    2. the 6 bosses you need to beat were the best knights in the castle pumped full of dark energy to soup them up

    3. Hey! I second this, i am not into Vore either, my favorite kind if sex is lesbian sex which is really really really FUCKING rare in ryona games, and I just bought the "still alive" game because I knew there was a female rapist boss! I just say that to give you some clues to what you should add to your future games! And I really like girl masturbation too, triggered when a "horny gauge" is full or just by pressing a button.

    4. XD final boss is planned to be a 2 part boss with both the opponents being female :) damsel quest 3 is gonna be a sword based action rpg platformer, though the exploration wont be as complex as other games, as she's just fighting her way up a castle (though she has to conquer the basement before unlocking the final area and bosses)

      (add me on skype if you wanna chat

    5. No! I prefer to spam the comments! jke ;D I will add you whenever I have the time for this

    6. it's easier to explain my ideas and link you things is all :)