Friday, 30 November 2012

Problems (solved)

I need to make £170 in the next 4 weeks to pay my rent until i get my student grant/loan
since dlsite are being slow paying me and the amount isnt enough to cover it,

I need commissions, if anyone would like any art drawing on a personal base, please check the commission prices tab

I do chibi's, digital work, I have graphic markers if you want something more traditional (i'd scan it)

of course i do hentai, just don't ask for guro or loli as those are frowned upon in my country.

please note those prices apply only to personal commissions and if you want something for commercial use you will have to email me and ask for a better quote

EDIT- my father sent me the £170 for unspecified future commisions so I am not in dire need of money, however i went to the effort of advertising for commissions so commissions will remain open anyway

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