Friday 15 June 2018

havent posted in a while

just saw that wolfenstahl still links here and thought I'd at least post my link here

I don't really know how to keep on top of social media anymore,  I don't post regularly, I pretty much only post on my patreon once a month and keep my head down and try to work the rest of the time.

Monday 4 May 2015

Havent posted here in a while. updates

Currently working on a metroidvania,

should be finished in a few days, but im mostly using my tumblr for my games stuff now
i think people are a bit late to get this game for pledging on patreon, but people wanting to support me can go here

figured id post here on the off chance there was someone in those 500k hits that hadnt found out i moved to tumblr yet.

Tuesday 24 February 2015


because of the policy update banning erotic images and video, i've been porting my product pages over to tumblr, be sure to follow me there to get the latest info, the checkouts will still be on the pages here but i'll be able to have preview images over at tumblr

i've also been trying to delete all the pictures so a lot of my old posts i deleted outright

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Majo - released (RPG)

Majo is a simple RPG Maker ace game about a witch named Izuki that gets kicked out of her home by the Demon King whom lusts after her body. Now she must take down his dungeons to build her strength and gain new abilities (hookshot and a bow), solve puzzles, get to tie up enemies (or be tied up by them) and generally have fun before going back to kick his ass.

it's a fun and comedic story that ought to take 90 minutes to complete but there's a nice amount of content including unique game over scenes for most enemies (some of the are grouped into one scene)

be sure to try the demo :)

8 sexy enemies
9 game over scenes
13cg +variants
4 dungeons to puzzle and fight through

sexual attacks - kiss, grope, and whip your way to victory
sexual status effects- horny and tied up, tied up gives you a sexy image of some enemies (and laughable ones for some others)
on map abilities - hookshot and the bow for fun puzzles.

 You can purchase the game at dlsite (which is censored and more expensive)
or buy the unlock file for 7usd/£4.6 (roughly) by following the link below

to stay out of the reach of a new annoying VAT law in the EU, I have to manually email all unlock files to customers, so sometimes you might have to wait a few hours to receive it.

once you have the unlock file, all you need to do is put it in the same folder as the game.exe in the demo

Thursday 5 February 2015

update 5/02/2015

Work on Majo is progressing smoothly, chances are game will be done in the next 3 weeks...
yesterday i got the base for dungeon 4 made along with this pretty girl. [picture removed]

currently she's called coco but i'm open to ideas.

Also, I have a patreon now, people wanting to support me can go there...though i don't want people to feel short changed, so it should only be for people who want to support me making games and have spare money...

I keep getting down , because I don't seem to get many responses to the threads i post about my games... the only time i got any real replies were when i held competitions for free copies and the like...but those werent really good for sales.

I have a deadline looming, in august my student overdraft starts charging interest, so i need to make £1950 before then or I'll be stuck with an endless debt, my mother is kind enough to not kick me out though i haven't paid any rent since before xmas. So any donations/commissions are greatly appreciated.

Damsel quest remains my best selling game(272 copies), with science girl trailing behind by 50 copies. Grimoire hasn't hit 100 sales yet, so i'm dissappointed in that too, i thought it was a fun game...

if all this comes off as whiny that's fine, i understand most of the fault lies with me as an artist and a spriter, and maybe as a games designer too, but I'd like to hear from people even if they don't like me very much...

Saturday 13 December 2014

Grimoire (released)

migrating pics to tumblr because content policy update

Grimoire is finished, the complete (demo) can be downloaded here
you can buy it at my tumblr

price is 6usd/£3.80

the game has 5 7 hentai cg and 5 sprite animations.

Rika the rookie witch is dropped into the depths of a magical dungeon after the tome she is after is seized by another witch, the dungeon is filled with spikes, tentacles and monsters all after her body
she must learn new spells to traverse the and escape the dungeon

the game is an adventure platformer featuring a basic exp system, choose which stats to boost each level, learning new spells let you access new areas in a metroidvania fashion (though like kurovadis the game is linear)

X to jump/confirm
C to cast spell
enter key to pause
arrow keys to move
up/down to aim

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Grimoire (Rika) nearing completion

I'd have liked this game to be a metroidvania, but this game is more like kurovadis and it's linearity.
A simple story, Rika the witch is trying to obtain a dangerous magical tome. but when she arrives at the dungeon it's located in, she finds another witch got there first, whom dumps her into the depths of the castle. Rika is a dropout so she only has one basic projectile spell to being with, and must fight her way through the depths to obtain more spells and find a way back up to defeat the other witch.

this is the final demo content wise, but the unlock file has not been generated yet so people will need to redownload it when i release some time before the 20th

controls are arrow keys to move, X to jump, and C to use spells.

the other day i spent 3 hours going through every room in the game and tiling it.
the list of stuff i have left to make is as follows
final boss room - including the remaining attacks for the boss and game over animation
3 game over cg
crush the bug that leads to the wrong game over cg.

Saturday 1 November 2014

Dropbox still down

the ban seems to have been extended beyond what it should so i've mirrored most of my demos on mega!30xGEDxR!HqPOxu9OLqUO07dHEZ63lQ
i have also redirected my checkouts to mega, so now i dont have to email everyone who buys one of my games (though a few dont get through every now and then)

expo was great. didn't buy much though, couple of no game no life wallscrolls, a momo deviluke figure, some lovely wolf ears, and sora's tee-shirt from ngnl

also, my girlfriend proposed to me with a ring in a tardis...that was a shock, so yeah, im a finacee now

Friday 15 August 2014

Dash official release (£3.20)

The demo can be found here

price is £3.20, i will email the unlock files after receiving the receipt
you can buy it at my tumblr

ROR game about red riding hood racing to her friends cottage before the big bad wolf completely fucks her silly...
she must evade capture by the many monsters and traps left in her path, and use her dash ability to traverse the levels.

 please download the demo to confirm compatibility (you'll need it anyway for the unlock file)

arrow keys to move
z - dash
x - jump
c -dash/jump (must be on ground)

game features 
8 delicious HCG curtesy of Lustfire
6 H animations
2 endings
25 levels

This game is the result of gathering feedback on damsel quest, I'm sure the people who enjoyed that game will enjoy the more fast paced gameplay in dash!

Sunday 23 March 2014


Yuko is finished :)

pay what you want (minimum £1)
you can get it at my tumblr (i think)

Yuko is a stealth based puzzle game about a slave being given a chance to win her freedom,
if she gets caught by the guards of succubi, slimes and more she gets felt up and fucked in various ways.

13 CG (26 variants)
5 Hentai endings (+1 with no sex)

the game contains some pretty difficult puzzles, one in particular has a bit of a meta solution involving data shared across all save files.

To purchase the game you'll need download the latest demo 
yuko demo
you need the
vx ace rtp

and then you can purchase the unlock file here
place the yukounlock.rvdata in the game folder (replace the one allready there)
and you can go beyond the end of the demo (the bridge trap wont trigger)

I'll submit the game to dlsite later, i still need to censor everything :)

Wednesday 27 November 2013

update 27/11/2013

I'm actually quite shocked, science girl has sold over 100 copies in the first week, which is getting me really anxious to work on a proper game again...

both the next damsel quest game and my non adult game idea have similar mechanics so i could probably design them both alongside each other, however... my spriter is taking a break after science girl wore him out so i'm left with nothing to do...

one person on ULMF is considering commissioning that rpgmaker game i've been doing little bits and pieces of but i can't afford to commit to it unless i get the deposit at least (since i need to pay an artist for the cgs) this is cause english rpg maker games typically haven't been successful sales wise... (couldnt help working on it a little though) but because of the funding i would be releasing it at a cheaper price than i would be able to risk usually as the commission would provide me 8/52 weeks rent

the next damsel quest game is gonna be an action rpg/platformer, the upgrade system will allow the player to raise whichever stats they want using skill points upon leveling, but there will also be extra skills you can unlock by offering item drops at altars, like lifesteal (i do love that lifesteal) i dropped the parry system because it simplifies development and complexity doesnt always mean good gameplay

the non adult game will use the same engine as the dq game, but the upgrade system will be different, with an equip system instead, the different runes you can equip modify your stats and some offer abilities like taking less poison damage, this difference means i can keep the general gameplay the same but the challenge will be different, for example. the anti poison rune lowers your stats, but allows you enough time to get through a poison filled passageway, but the lowered stats means you have to be extra careful to avoid enemy strikes

and the rpgmaker game is similar in gameplay to ib or witch house, you find items, solve puzzles and make choices, but also you have to sneak through certain enemy filled areas, you can see a barebones example of the necessary scripts at work here
this game has also given me the opportunity to give emi her own game (she would have been the main love interest in that yuri game i gave up on a while back)

Wednesday 20 November 2013

To put things in perspective (moneys report)

this tax year, i have currently  made £129.69 per month, my rent per week is £, i'm still not there as success stories go...

so I'd like to hear more of what you guys and girls (shouldn't have been surprised about) want in your games :)  mechanics wise too, my research indicates that rpg mechanics such as leveling and choice in character progression adds a lot of replay value to a game, which is something i would prefer to making the player grind to unlock gallery stuff (great vita escape).

currently only got my object0 sprites to play with but there arent enough of them to make a full game, so im currently just building platformer mechanics for use in candy quest and damsel quest 3,

also someone might be commissioning an rpgmaker game from me, which i'm really looking forward too as many people seemed to have enjoyed princess escape and it's a similar format to that, and the funding means i can afford the risk of making it, you can also expect the game to be released cheaper as a result, but i cant start work properly until i get the deposit so i can pay the artist i want to work with for the cgs (because my own aren't really that good or consistent)

damsel quest
274 sales meaning roughly £822
science girl
49 sales roughly £79.87

7/12 months into the tax year

Tuesday 19 November 2013

damsel quest

just a tiny patch for dq, cause one of the gallery cgs misdirects this version also still works with win8 aswell :)

Sunday 17 November 2013

Science girl released

OKAY, science girl is finally complete after weeks of boredom waiting for sprites to be finished XD

here's the finished demo (though all that has changed in the demo level is the inclusion of the new sounds), but it also becomes the full game once the unlock file is placed in the game folder.
mega mirror

you can purchase the unlock file for £1.90 (i didn't know what to charge)

you can buy it at my tumblr

full version includes;

9 enemies
3 levels
1 happy end(?)

be sure to report any bugs that slipped through the net and i can patch it as soon as possible :)